Have Bulima? - Binge Eat  ? - Food Controls You?


Want to be free from your eating disorder?

  • Learn to think and act as a lean person does

  • Replace bulimia with healthier strategies

  • Master you emotions

  • Hypnosis & NLP to re-program your thoughts

  • Become lean, healthy & happy

 ... Make peace with food ... Build your self esteem ... Heal mind, body and spirit ...

Freedom From Bulimia Self Help Programme

By Hypnotherapist Debbie Williams

Bulimia, Binge Eating Addictions and Eating Disorders Specialist

Take the first step towards ending your battle with food once and for all

Firstly I want to thank you for taking the first step to overcoming your bulimia nervosa and binge eating problems. If bulimia and binge eating has been a problem for you then this programme which has a focus on mastering naturally lean, healthy happy people will help you to leave your binge eating behind.  

When working with bulimic clients,  it takes 2/3 sessions to help them get back on track and often as many as 10/12 sessions helping them unravel all the triggers to their binge eating as the bulima has ‘infected’ many areas of their life, causing them much distress.
As one client told me…  ‘Whenever I start eating it turns into a binge and I can’t stop. I think about food all the time. I'm obsessed with food’

Clients often ask me for a recording that will eliminate bulimia and binge eating quickly once and for all, but it’s not quite as simple as that…

We can eliminate a chocolate addiction within an hour, but unless you retrain your brain to think differently you will replace chocolate with something else. Change needs to happen from a deeper place, hence good hypnosis deals with the subconscious mind.

We have to train ourselves to think differently about food, build our self esteem and master our emotions so that we are kinder to ourselves.  This does take time and effort. 

 I’ve personally helped hundreds of clients master better strategies leaving their bulimia in the past. I help them to think like a lean, healthy happy person does. I’d like to offer you the chance to experience this complete programme for yourself at a hugely discounted price…

It's like doing a diploma course on how to be lean, healthy and happy.  It may not be easy but it will definitely be worth it to master your mind and heal your body!

These hypnosis downloads will help to free you...

You can click the link to buy an individual product, but if bulimia has been an issue for you, then we highly recommend purchasing this offer.

  1. Stop overeating ( A hypnosis trance to help you to stop overeating).  - Normally £15 as a download.
  2. Ditch the dairy ( Learn some facts that will put you of certain foods including chocolate, ice cream pizza) - Normally £19 as a download.
  3. Lean for life (Master what naturally lean, healthy, happy people do)- Normally £19 as a download.
  4. Weight loss made easy (Help you to lose excess weight) - Normally £15 as a download.
  5. Exercise and enjoy it (If you need motivation strategies to exercise)- Normally £19 as a download.
  6. Stop binge eating (Learn how to stop binge eating now)- Normally £19 as a download.
  7. Beat bulimia (Beat bulimia multi track recording) - Normally £19 as a download.



For emotional mastery, I've included the below to help you...

  1. Stop stress (Manage your stress to free you from stress related over eating)- Normally £19 as a download.
  2. Ultimate confidence (Learn to be very confident with this multi track recording)- Normally £19 as a download.
  3. More self esteem (Bulid your self esteem and value yourself more)- Normally £19 as a download.
  4. Heal the heavy heart (lifts the weight of the world of your shoulders) - Normally £15 as a download.
  5. Overcoming anxiety (Reduce anxious thinking to stop you if you use food to calm yourself)- Normally £19 as a download.



 As you listen to the hypnosis recordings you will let go of your obsessions with food, diet and eating, finding empowerment and inner strength grows.

You’ll also get lifetime access to a library of videos, which include...
  1. Overcome a bread addiction
  2. Tips to stop overeating
  3. Negative thoughts
  4. Don't let a binge ruin the rest of the day
  5. Tips to suceed at a buffet
  6. Hypnosis for sleep
  7. Stop drinking wine
  8. 6 minute weight loss trance
  9. 10 minute stop binge eating trance
  10. 10 minute ‘law of attraction trance’ (focusing on creating miracles for yourself)
  11. Stop being greedy short trance
  12. How to be happy
  13. Happiness strategies
  14. Stay on track to success
  15. Why we sabotage ourselves and how to stop
  16. Stop worrying trance
  17. How to tone the tummy and enjoy it (as my fun job I teach belly dancing!)
  18. What can I eat (I show healthy tasty quick food and what to do to make it)
…With many more in the works!

Feel free to suggest  more titles and I will record them to support you.



These hypnosis and NLP downloads and videos are the result of years of working with clients and gaining positive results as well as previously my own journey of overcoming bulimia and binge eating, both of which are in the way distant past of 15 years ago (I suffered for nearly 15 years before that and I often say to clients I wish I had someone like me to have helped me get well!).

Time limited opportunity at this price

If you came to me one-to-one for the above would cost you upwards of £2000 and as my commitment to you I want to offer the lot for £99 as downloads, normally £297 much, much less than the cost of a session with me.


COSTS UP TO £2,000


TODAY £99..

.. yes, just £99

You will also receive my monthly life coaching to help you to stay on track with your goals. You will also receive the ''Lean for life" workbook to help you to master eating as a lean healthy happy person does, leaving your eating problems behind you.

And to address your personal needs, I will record any videos you feel would support you (as I know it will help others too) or point you in the direction of an existing one.

This offer is time bound as I can only offer this support to a limited number of people and as you have purchased a recording from me, you have shown you are committed to helping yourself. I’m offering you this rare chance as I feel you are exactly the sort of person who will make the most of it. 


Your first step towards being lean, healthy and happy


TODAY £99..
   .. yes, just £99  


Just commit to buy now and let’s get you back on track to being lean, healthy and happier than you could ever have imagined!


Work personally with Debbie 
Book a double session for £297 and have the;
"Overcome Bulimia Programme"
Click Here To Purchase The £297 Programme  
You can work with Debbie either over SKYPE or at her Birmingham Clinic

All the best,
P.S. Remember, this price offer is time bound, so buy now! It could be one of the most life-changing decisions you ever make…

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