Bulimia Nervosa You Can Beat It With NLP & Hypnosis

Bulimia Nervosa testimonials are below. All of my recordings on bulimia, binge eating and weight loss include strategies that I’ve developed and used to help hundreds to 'learn to eat normally, just as a lean healthy happy person does, leaving bulimia nervosa in the past where it belongs.

It's what I did to overcome my bulimia nervosa and change my relationship with food for the better. I've coached clients with bulimia nervosa in my private practice in Birmingham and taught 'Lean peoples strategies' on my weight loss course, and helping on Paul McKenna's weight loss events.

Bulimia Nervosa self help hypnotherapy recording by Birmingham Hypnotherapist

Each CD is different, Beat bulimia, stop binge eating, lean for life and others Each comprise of various NLP exercises and trances that will educate you in the way a lean person thinks and acts. I’ve used all of the exercises, not just to overcome my bulimia, but to gain mastery over my emotions by releasing the stress. Through them I’ve learned to be happy, healthy and lean whilst living my life through inspiration, not desperation.


How many recordings do I need to overcome my bulimia nervosa?

For many just one or two CDs will be enough to break their self-destructive habits around food. Others may need much more tuition. They’ll find it on my range of CDs, see the list below for ones that could be useful for the fraction of the cost of a one to one session. Each CD is like a complete training session with a hypnotic trance to help you relax leaving bulimia nervosa in your past.

The Lean For Life Programme Will Help If You Have Really Struggled With This...

Birminham Hypnotherapy Practice; If you would prefer to work one to one, contact us at www.debbiewilliamsassociates.co.uk 

Help from eating disorders expert who once had bulimia and binge eating disorder

Bulimia nervosa clients use my recordings to help towards mastering thinking about food the way a lean person does so they don't need as many sessions, Many bulimics and binge eaters have just used the recordings and have gained a complete change in the way they behave around food with them alone, or they come to me as they have got so far and have hit a blockage.

You do need to listen to them over and over, and I like to explain that if you commit for the next 12 months to study, (as if you were back at school or university) but your Diploma is studying what lean healthy happy people do, you will pass with flying colours.

Another way of explaining is you wouldn't go to a gym just once and expect to have a complete toned body, this is exercising the muscle between your ears, your brain, this what people have said:

Hi Debbie

Im  not binging any more, Listening to you CD has really helped everything you say makes perfect sense, I feel so hopeful now instead of desperate I feel I know you and you know me even though we havent met . Your voice is very reassuring to listen to and I often drift of into a really good nights sleep and wake up refreshed and positive. Sam
It really worked, I've had loads of treatment and not felt anywhere near as good as just listening to your recording , loved the EBook by the way it felt like you really know what you are talking about. I wish I'd found you years ago.  Ceri
 Debbie just a short note to say I listened to the track where I could have a virtual binge and it worked, I didnt binge afterwards I couldn't I felt so full!   Katy
Thank you Debbie I'm not as obsessed as I was and I feel calmer with my eating. I've got a few of your CDs now and they are all excellent, they seem to help in all areas of my life.   B Kaur
Hi Debbie,  I think Ive been a bit depressed about my eating disorder but listening to the download I feel lighter and I've had days where I didn't make myself sick
Thanks for your help so far. Kind regards, Kerry.
Hi Debbie, I had an appointment booked with you a couple of Friday's ago. My initial appointment really helped, I've been doing really well and listening to the cd's.
I look forward to seeing you soon. Lisa

Hope you are ok, just e-mailing to let you know I have used your CD and I feel much less anxious and I've actually lost 2lb in weight through following the advice you give.I would just like to say a big thank you for helping me to overcome my bulimia.

Kind regards, Abby 

Buy your copy now of ''Beat Bulimia'' and ''Stop Binge Eating'' let me teach you better ways to handle food

Beat Bulimia Nervosa comes with a 60 day money back guarantee or find out about the huge savings on the;


Other single recordings may be useful; ''Lean for Life'' 'Ditch the Dairy'' ''Stop Overeating'' and many more ( all included in the full lean for life programme

Please note these recordings are in no way a replacement for medical advice, so if in doubt please consult your medical practitioner to exclude any treatable causes.

My products are a combination of training and educating in how to think and behave as a 'lean healthy happy person' does which is how I overcame my issues with food.

It became more enjoyable to follow this path and know I can have my cake and eat it without the throwing up part, just as a lean person does naturally. Along the way I've developed change-work exercises and strategies to help you to stop eating and overcome bulimia nervosa as you educate your mind to know when you have had enough food by being aware of how it feels over time if you were to continue eating.

When your mind learns to associate upfront 'the end feeling of a binge' or 'bulimic' episode with the urgency of the first 'desire' to eat and realises you can have some of what you fancy, but don't have to go overboard the resulting feeling is that of freedom.

It will require commitment to listen to the beat bulimia nervosa recording and do the exercises and know that one recording alone may not be enough to make all the changes. That said they are very affordable and are much cheaper than a one to one and are all covered by a 60 day money back guarantee, so if for any reason it doesn't help you move forward, you have nothing to lose by committing to listen for ideally every day for a month ( minimum 2/3 times per week).

Listen to beat bulimia nervosa last thing at night as you drift of to sleep and at least once during the day each week. I'm passionate about helping as many people as I can to overcome bulimia nervosa as over the years I've seen so many people for all sorts of issues with food and what I teach them has made a massive positive difference for so many.

All the best

Debbie xxx

Bulimia help to overcome binging Birmingham hypnotherapy

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