Guilt : how to stop feeling guilty

Feeling guilty all the time hurts and doesn't serve you. Many people with eating issues whether its a binge eater or a bulimic to a dieter or sometimes even a normal eater who is fine for most of the time, but then a feeling of guilt can seem so overwhelming that the mind triggers the thought to eat in response to the feeling of guilt.

Emotional eating because of guilt

This form of emotional eating can ruin any weight loss or recovery from binge eating of bulimia unless it is addressed.

The overeating or binge eating in response to guilt is an attempt to distract the person from the heavy feeling and food is used as a drug to numb the pain.
Those without eating disorders or problems with food may turn to other substances negative or positive. The negative ones could be drugs, drink, gambling, creating an arguement or shouting at their child/ loved one, all of those choices inevitably leaves the person feeling worse.
Positive ways of dealing with guilty feelings are exercise or listening to upbeat music but there is a better way than that as it helps process the guilt.

Processing guilt to stop overeating

Writing out your feelings on paper and then reading it as if it was a friends problem and giving yourself good advice accordingly. We all know how to solve our friends issues and this is a great way to be objective about our own overwhelming feelings.

Hypnosis can also help release guilt and other triggers to overeating.

Conversational hypnosis to process guilt

By listening to Birmingham hypnotherapist appear to just talk about guilt and guilty feelings. Debbie is doing far more than just talking, she is embedding new ways to think about guilt.

If you have a problem with guilt and feel guilty all the time please watch a few times to ingrain the messages at an unconscious level to release guilt and transform guilty feelings to stop feeling guilt with hypnosis.

The stop guilt hypnosis starts approx. 5 min 50 seconds into the video. Please watch from this point often with your eyes closed. This is conversational hypnosis with metaphors for your mind to hook onto to install different resourceful ways to think about how you represent or should I say re-present guilt in your mind.

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