Can't Stop Eating Cakes, Biscuits, Cheese, Pizza?

What is really in those foods?

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Is in so many processed and junk food including cakes, biscuits, pizza, cheese and ready meals. Cow dairy milk is very mucus forming in the body and its protein casein is the basis for the worlds strongest wood glue! It also coats the little villi in your intestines stopping proper absorption of nutrients, which can trigger cravings as the body is unable to get the nutrients it needs, so it sends out a signal " I'm hungry".Milk also contains caso morphine – which can make you addicted and give you cravings. Luckily these can be eliminated or at least significantly reduced even with one listening of the CD – which is like a complete therapy session in a box.

Ideal food (for baby cows)

So what has happened? Isn’t milk healthy?

Our consumption has increased massively over the last century. To keep up with “marketed” demand, we’ve taken a cow, which would normally produce 3 litres of milk per day and now she can produce as much as 30 litres. As soon as she has given birth, we impregnate her again, so milking her whilst she is continuously pregnant (hormones flying everywhere) we have achieved this through drugs, selective breeding, and growth hormones, she now becomes pie meat after five years instead of twenty. Originally she was designed to build and grow a 60-80 pound calf, maturing to 1000 pound in a couple of years.

B is for Breast Cancer

There are hundreds of millions of different proteins in nature, and only one hormone that is identical between any two species. That powerful growth hormone is insulin-like growth factor, or IGF-I. IGF-I survives digestion and has been identified as the KEY FACTOR in breast cancer’s growth. IGF-I is identical in human and cow. By drinking cow’s milk, one delivers IGF-I to the body’s cells.

“Human insulin-like growth factor (IGF-I) and bovine IGF-I are identical.”
Science, vol.249, August 24, 1990

IGF-I is critically involved in the aberrant growth of human breast cancer cells.”
Journal of the National Institutes of Health, 1991, 3

“Oestrogen regulation on IGF-I in breast cancer cells would support the hypothesis that IGF-I has a regulatory function in breast cancer.”
Molecular Cell Endocrinology, March 1999(2)

“IGF-I is a potent growth factor for cellular proliferation in the human breast carcinoma cell line.”
Journal of Cellular Physiology, January 1994, 158(1)

“IGF-I plays a major role in breast cancer cell growth.”
European Journal of Cancer, 29a (16), 1993

“IGF-I produces a 10-fold increase in RNA levels of cancer cells. IGF-I appears to be a critical component in cellular proliferation.”
Experimental Cell Research, March 1994, 211(1)

“Serum IGF-I levels increased significantly in milk drinkers, an increase of about 10% above baseline but was unchanged in the control group.”
Journal of the American Dietetic Association, vol. 99, no.10, October 1999

“IGF-I accelerates the growth of breast cancer cells.”
Science, vol.259, January 29, 1993
Taken from Milk A-Z ISBN #0-9659196-8-4 by Dr Robert Cohen


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William E. Ellis, MD., reported in the health view Newsletter, “Thousands and thousands of blood tests I’ve conducted show that people who drink three to four glasses of milk a day invariably had the lowest levels of blood calcium. My tests show conclusively, in my opinion, that adults who use milk products do not absorb nutrients as well as adults who don’t.”

“Cow’s milk has become a point of controversy among doctors and nutritionist. There was a time when it was considered very desirable, but research has forced us to rethink this recommendation… dairy products contribute to a surprising number of health problems.” Benjamin Spock, M.D., Child Care, 7th Edition

Professor Jane Plant CBE, one of Britain’s most eminent scientists, contracted breast cancer in 1987. By studying cultures around the world that are free of breast cancer, she was able to overcome it. For more information, read her book: “Your life in your hands” ISBN #1-85227-809-9

Also my CD Ditch the Dairy, will help you to take back your power over these foods and has suggestions for equally delicious alternatives.

If you are interested in some studies and their findings see below:

China study

367 details facts about diet and lifestyle of 6500 participants from 1983 onwards. Some findings so far,

Japanese study

From the national cancer research institute of Tokyo

Seventh day Adventists study

Long lived people

The Hunzukuts of Pakistan, the Vilcabambans of Equador, the Okinawans of Japan, the Abkhazians of Russia.These long lived peoples diets are predominantly plant based.Meat when eaten is usually small animals or fish, organic and free range. E.g., the Hunzakuts eat chicken once a week, the rest of the time plants and grains etc. again, when they eat dairy, it is usually from small animals e.g. goats and ewes and they eat smaller amounts than we do, if at all.

what has happened to our food?

Over the last 200 years major changes have occurred in how we produce our food, the cancer rate was less than one in 100, it is now one in three. The first case of heart disease wasn't reported until 1912, it now is the number one killer in the UK and western world. So what has changed?

Meat consumption has gone up 475% over the last 100 years approx. Average meat today is 50% fat, average meat our ancestors would have eaten is 7%

The 4 food groups (as taught in schools) were invented in 1956 by the USDA to promote the sale of meat and dairy and came from twelve food groups originally. The idea that we need a lot of protein came from a study on rats, they discovered that the more protein they ate, the quicker they grew. Great news to promote high protein foods, they fail to mention the other result that they died sooner.

How do we work out how much we actually need? What is it for? Growth and repair. When do we do this the most? As a baby. Mother Nature gives us the answer in mother's milk. Designed to help us grow, how much protein would you guess was in mothers' milk? Less than 3% and it goes down to the same that is in fruit. Protein is in practically everything, made up of amino acids, they are like letters of the alphabet that combine to create proteins.

50% of pharmaceutical business comes from farmers given to non organic animals – because it makes them gain weight

Non organic meat is better otherwise you are digesting drugs, hormones, growth promoters, the adrenaline pumped through the animals system – when it realises – something bad is going to happen – they smell the fear in the slaughterhouse.

(When you eat the meat the stimulant effect sometimes is confused as an energy giver) 78% of pesticide residues in our bodies come from meat ingested, 11% from fruit grains and vegetables (unless organic). The reason being is it takes 10-16 lb of grain to produce 1 lb of meat

Some anti-cancerous and healing properties found in natural plant food

Antioxidents Allium compounds, Allyl sulphides, Anthocyanins, Caffetic acid, Catechins, Coumarins, Dithiolthiones, Ellagic acid, Ferulic acid, Flavanoids, Glucosinolates, Genistein (shown to inhibit cancer cell development) – Soyabean products Indoles, Isoflavones, Isothiocyanates, Lignans, Liminoids, Lycopene (to help reduce risk of prostate, lung, breast, stomach, colon cancer) contained in tomatoes

Natural immune booster – found in Shiitake Mushrooms

Pectins, Perillyl alcohol, Phenolic acids, Phytoesterols, Polyacetylenes, Polyphenols, Protesase inhibitors, Saponins, Sulphorophane, Sterols,Terpenes.

The list above is only a small sample of beneficial compounds, and more are being discovered daily.

Recommended reading: The Okinawa Way, Bradley Wilcox MD ISBN#0-718-14494-5, Fit For Life, Harvey Diamond, ISBN#0-553-17355-3, Eat to Live, Dr Joel Fuhman MD ISBN#0-316-82945-5

More info

What doctors may not know

Lifetime we consume up to 70 tons of food. Digestion takes more energy than practically anything else. Americans take 25,000000 pills an hour

Money spent on prevention less than 2% - so all the money we give to cancer charities- learning this I only give to MacMillan nurses and they don’t share their discoveries either, as the pharmaceutical companies give money to the charities – then receive it back – and more from the public out doing their race for life – and then pour nearly all of it into looking for a drug that will be the next so called “wonder drug” to make money for the shareholders – please don’t believe me – go find out for yourself – here’s some places to start.

For information about: Cancer, why we are still dying to know the truth, Philip Day, Credence Publications, ISBN#0-9535012-4-8

8000 prescriptive drugs on the market today (Majority of drugs, 70%, were not around when doctors were at medical school)

Doctors are being educated by salesmen for the drug companies. Drugs are thought of first instead of non drug approached that can be safer and more effective

70% of cancer is diet related (reported in the National Academy off Sciences)

Doctors have less than 1 days training in nutrition and attendance is usually optional. Science is continually proving that 8 of the 10 top fatal diseases are diet related

Around 1.17 Million Britons end up in hospital each year because of doctor error or a bad reaction to a drug (Dr Vernon Coleman, The Betrayal Of Trust. EMJ 1994)

85% of medical and surgical procedures are scientifically unproven (British Medical Journal October 1991)

72,000 Americans are killed every year by doctor error compared with 24,000 murdered by firearms (Doctors for Integrity in Research and Public Policy)

Your chances of dying in hospital or having an injury while there is 16%, half this risk is cause by doctor or hospital error, which means that 8% of all people in hospital are killed or injured by the staff (From the world's first study into hospital safety, June 1995)

Drug reactions are now the worlds fourth major killer they cause more than 100,000 deaths in the US every year, only heart disease cancer and stroke are more dangerous than drugs (Journal of the American Medical Association 1998;279; 1200-05) – bet you’re not read any of this in a womans magazine.


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