Bulimia Facts And History

Between 5-10% of young adult women (and increasingly men) make themselves sick once or twice a week. But not all of them will have bulimia. Bulimics feel compelled to be sick. This element of compulsion indicates that it is an addiction.

Bulimia Nervosa was formally identified in 1979 by British psychiatrist Gerald Russell. Its primary symptom, according to The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders is “eating, in a fixed period of time, an amount of food that is definitely larger than most people would consume… along with recurrent inappropriate behaviour to prevent weight gain, such as: self-induced vomiting… fasting and excessive exercise.”
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Damage Caused With Purging And Laxative Abuse


Bulimia Nervosa; Why Is It Called This?  

The word bulimia literally means ‘the nervous hunger of an ox’. This hunger can never be satisfied by food because it is an addictive pattern of behaviour that stems from a deep emotional need.

There is a full range of self help recordings to train your mind how to think like a lean, healthy happy person does available from www.debbiewilliamsassociates.co.uk  Please make sure you have seen your medical practitioner to exclude any treatable causes. What advice I offer is not a replacement for medical help. It is a combination of education and training. In it's simplist terms learning like a method actor does to master a new role, I teach you to be absorbed in the part of a 'lean, healthy happy person' and through repititon it gives your mind an alternative choice of how you re-act around food.

Its exactly what I did myself enabling me to leave the bulimia behind me as my brain learn't things like 'I can have a mini binge of about a third of my bulimic one and if I stuck to the rule of waiting 20 minutes I could feel I was full and satisfied and most importantly I had no need to throw up'' as I was doing just what a person who had no issues with food would do and over time it became the new habit that enabled me to 'out grow' my bulimia.



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