Constantly fighting bulimia and the urges to binge, its a living hell; 

Especially if you binge in response to every emotion and use food as your drug of choice to get you through any difficult emotions or times or if you eat when you are bored, tired ,stressed fed up lonely or even when you are happy it's as if all roads lead to Rome which can be very frustrating.


This can be achieved with Beat bulimia and Stop binge eating self help recordings even more help is available on my ''Lean for life programme''. Its more help than you will ever need to master the strategies and mindsets of naturally lean healthy happy people. Like studying for a diploma this course will teach you their strategies and using hypnosis it will help to send those false cravings and excess appetite away for good.

Please make sure you have seen your medical practitioner to exclude treatable causes as what I do is a combination of training and educating the same strategies a lean healthy happy person does, which is what I developed and refined over the years to help me to leave my binge eating and bulimia behind.


I have various self help CDs which are a complete coaching session in themselves for a fraction of the cost of a one to one (from only £15 ) and can be listened to again and again covering all areas to help reduce stress around many emotional issues and personal traumas. I have titles including;

bulimia and anger grief, emotions and eating disorders healing hypnosis recording by birmingham hypnotherapist stop stress Birmingham based Hypnosis self help CDS by Debbie Williams

Stop Lying Hypnosis CD Birmingham Hypnotherapist Debbie Williams NLP trainer

Click on any image which will take you to more information on my sister site  where you can get a free hypnosis recording as well as contacting us, Yiou can read more and purchase any product covered fully by my 60 day no quibble refund policy also if you download my 7 mistakes free report I will add you to my mailing list and let you know of any special offers and send out regular tips to help you.

See also below on HOW To Be HAPPY.

Binge Eating Disorders; How To Overcome Food Issues;

"Your Disordered Eating"

 The answer to my eating disorders was to learn to eat like a lean healthy happy person does. Over time  I've mastered those skills after years of struggle and I want to share with you what I did in simple lessons recoded on my products''

Debbie Williams : (read my story )

Master Strategies To Be ''LEAN FOR LIFE'' Free Yourself From Binge Eating Hell 

Why Lean Healthy and Happy?

It’s a specifically loaded statement and desired outcome as if you choose each one individually then you wouldn’t necessarily achieve a true balance in your life

For example – you could be lean by dropping a load of cocaine – but you wouldn’t be happy on the come down from it – or healthy.

You could be very healthy by eating all the ‘so called “right foods”’ but if your emotional need aren’t being met – or if you overeat on these healthy foods you could achieve happiness & be over weight – and not necessarily be healthy – or have a niggling doubt that you were selling yourself short.

The final part of my journey to being lean healthy & happy was I realized I wanted to overcome a part of me that tended to be very greedy at times and although on the outside I looked lean healthy & happy, I knew a part of me felt out of balance – so I set out to overcome the greediness – which I’ve done and many strategies I’ve used are included in my CD’s as well as a trance to help your unconscious mind work for you to make those better choices with food and to feel the freedom that a lean healthy happy person has naturally.

Leave your binge eating in the past where it belongs. Hypnosis and NLP with Birmingham eating disorders expert can really help you now.

Click to read more ; Healthy partHappy Part

Lean Part

A lean person doesn’t overeat – they are in control over food, rather than food having control them – or a better way to describe it, they are in tune with their bodies – and emotional needs – they can eat a couple of chocolates out of a box and feel total satisfaction and enjoyment happily leaving the rest – forgetting about it until a desire comes days – even weeks later – they can have what they want and they know when to stop – I can teach you how to achieve this wonderful state of mind by learning what they do inside their mind ie; What they say to themselves and what they picture in their minds eye can influence how they feel.

I recorded the Lean for Life CD which has so much information delivered to you in hypnotic language to help you to achieve your goals so much easier and efficiently by working smart not hard and harnessing the power of your unconscious mind to work for you as you take time out to learn how to relax releasing stress for a change.

Read What Is On The Lean For Life Programme And Save Money Now 

Stop binge eating

Includes in trance having an hypnotic gastric band fitted to help you lose the weight easily now

Stop Overeating

my first recording a great place to start on offer at the moment at £15 with free delivery Read More

Easy Weight Loss

Does what it says full of useful 'mind programming to help you lose weight NOW.

Stop Chocolate Addiction

Only £19.99 Guaranteed to stop you craving chocolate Read More

Beat Bulimia

Advice to beat your Bulimia .Will also help binge eaters too

Exercise and Enjoy it

You can enjoy exercise feel motivated to just do it Read More

Click on any image which will take you to more information on my sister site where you can read more and purchase any product covered fully by my 60 day no quibble refund policy also if you download my 7 mistakes free report (link)I will add you to my mailing list and let you know of any special offers

 If you smoke and fear that if you stop you will put on weight, with planning and this CD you can stop smoking and remain slim.

What people are saying

Bulimia testimonial

I was at the end of my tether – and desperately wanted to change – what Debbie said made sense, this first week I cut my binging down from 5 times a day to just twice in one week and I realized when I did have a full blown binge – it really wasn’t worth it. With listening to the CD’s (everyday) I’m learning new strategies to stop my bulimia, and I actually believe I can do it.


Binge eating testimonials

I've eaten half of what I would of done normally I'm amazed it wasn't difficult either. Jane
I've only used two of the many strategies on the CDs and they have worked they really have. I have hope now I know it will take time but as Debbie says Just like learning anything new you have to practice it to get good at it and the things she teaches are simple but very very powerful Thank you so much.

Healthy Part

We think we know so much about what is health? But do we?

My Dad died in 1983 – of cancer – and for 25 years after I constantly asked what could I of done that could of helped him? I was amazed in what I discovered – some of which I will share with you and give you other resources/websites to follow up on your journey.

I believe if you are educated about what’s in your food – you will make better choices – naturally and easily. And we can learn to exercise and enjoy it - read more...

Also we can train ourselves to enjoy eating more healthily I'm currently working on some CDs around this area including Overcome a food phobia and Eat more fruit read more...

The Happy Part

How To Be Happy– involves developing emotional intelligence and the ability to handle your feelings in a mature, productive way, rather then drugging yourself with food.

I’m going to teach you some strategies that if you use them you will become happier in yourself. As Paul McKenna once said, "The trouble with happiness is that people don’t practice it."

We tend to attract to ourselves more of what we focus on - and also what we try to avoid as our mind has difficulty processing what we don't want ''I don't want to be fat you think '' but that is what your mind processes internally an image of you being fat for example try not to think of the colour blue - have you not thought of it yet? Do you see what I mean?
If we switch to focusing just on what we really desire to have in our lives we have more chance of achieving it .I choose to see myself Lean for Life, I use all my recordings to reinforce that reality.

I advise my clients to keep a happiness/success journal to record only good things as capturing them in written form re-enforces the event / situation and it's there in the future to re-mind you all over again of the positive things otherwise easily forgotten . It is also training your brain to look and pay more attention to the good that is happening in your world.

Also simple affirmations 'everyday in everyway my life is getting better and better ' repeated over and over can go someway to drown out negative self talk, I sometimes use certain suggestions on my CDs which are much, much more powerful than affirmations as we harness the power of your unconscious mind to begin to work in alignment with your conscious mind to help you too , to become Lean for Life

Paul Mckenna endorses Birmingham hypnotherapist Debbie Williams

"Debbie Williams is a skilled and effective NLP trainer and hypnotherapist with an amazing sense of humour and great compassion." - Paul McKenna

Any of these CD’s will help on your journey to personal happiness – e.g. The trance on Ultimate Confidence originally was to be titled working in the miracle zone where everything happens at the right time – you are in the right place where luck and good fortune become your soul mate

The self esteem CD I use some affirmations with powerful self hypnosis to teach you to really learn to like yourself ( If deep down you don't like yourself I bet you sabotage any long term weight goals you set, this can be changed which will help you to be free from issues with food and mend that fragile self esteem )

All of my CDs are like having a coaching session with me but at a fraction of the cost and you can listen to them over and over to compound their positive effects

Click on any image which will take you to more information on my sister site  where you can read more, pick up a free hypnosis recording. You can contact Debbie or purchase any product covered fully by my 60 day no quibble refund policy.


 Also if you download my 7 mistakes free report I will add you to my mailing list and let you know of any special offers

Find out how to enjoy eating More Fruit & Veg

Exercise & Enjoy It

If you need a push to get started with exercise then my hypnosis CD 'Exercise and enjoy it may well be the answer

Click on the image and it will take you to my sister site  where you can read more and buy it if you choose knowing you are covered by my 60 day no quibble money back guarantee

In modern times with a sedentary lifestyle perhaps sitting in front of the TV for hours in a trance driving everywhere using labour saving devices we don't move as much as we used to, so to compensate we need to add exercise to our life. If you can find an exercise you enjoy then it becomes much more fun, My passion is Belly dance if you'd like to find out more or see some online free classes go to  or

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