How to stop overeating when bored

Most people don’t plan to fail they fail to plan and, without any structure in place, it's easy to fall back into habits of overeating

This video by Birmingham hypnotherapist Debbie Williams helps you to plan how to stop overeating in advance by having a list of alternative things to do instead of overeating.

Sometimes we overeat when we are bored, tired, lonely or upset, in fact there are many more reasons why we overeat.
Debbie talks about boredom eating here and what you can do to prevent overeating when you are bored.

Please watch the video on planning to ensure you don’t overeat a few times to really learn the lessons being taught. It will help you if you habitually overeat or binge eat or even have an eating disorder.

A structured way of eating can give you the support to stop overeating as and when you need it.


Overeating conquered by structure

By having a structured plan in advance it can prevent overeating happening, especially if you have foods you enjoy to look forward to.
And having a list of activities you’d do if you had the time can be a great distraction when the urge to overeat comes as you can look down your list and pick something interesting or rewarding to do.

Stop Bulimia, Stop OvereatingOne great thing you can do is put on a hypnosis recording as it will calm you down and if you listened to Debbie’s ‘Stop Overeating’. It will programme you to let go of urges to overeat and and the same time plant suggestions deep in your unconscious mind to feel drawn to eat more healthy too.

Overeating fills a void

Sometimes we have a space and we fill it with overeating as nothing else comes to mind of what we can do, yet everyone complains they haven't enough time. With a bit of forward planning you can get more done feel satisfied and rewarded yet eat much less and have a more balanced life.

More help to teach you how to eat as a lean, healthy happy person does is available on these video recordings:

As when you are tired its easy to overeat as many interpret that tiredness means the need for more fuel in the body,


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Exercise and enjoy it

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