Help for Parents of Anorexics 

Help for Parents of an Anorexic Child

Help my child has anorexia. How to I help with this eating disorder ?

If your child is suffering with anorexia nervosa, as a parent you can feel helpless watching your child wasting away on a path of self destruction.

It can be hard to understand what is going through the mind of an anorexic. It's understandable to be angry, upset and try all ways including bribes to your child to eat . Sometimes if weight loss is severe then hospitalisation is the safest option where the decision is taken away from both the parents of an anorexic and the sufferer if the weight is extremely low.

Hospitalisation in those cases can save lives. Many times the anorexic comes out with a new problem, they now swing from anorexia to bulimia, where they eat and then purge it from their body. This is actually a step forward as it is easier to reach someone who at least has some nourishment in their body. The duel eating disorder may well protect them from losing weight to a dangerous level.

The answer to any eating disorder (in my opinion) is to learn to eat as a lean, healthy, happy, normal person does. This is the strategy I work towards with anorexic clients. They do find the 'lean' part appealing ( with some persuasion) and of course I mean a healthy lean size not the anorexics version, but its a good starting point.

Many times anorexia is a diet with no exit strategy, you can hear me talk about this in some of my other videos.

The anorexic can seem cold, manipulative and calculating at times and many times will lie. Your Dr must be the first point of call to help your anorexic child and to check out for any treatable causes.

Many times the anorexic can out grow anorexia but many times this is not the case as they have become so withdrawn from life and their friends they feel disconnected to them. They now may have a social phobia to deal with.  

One way to reach an anorexic is to write to them. They spend so much time on their own a good heart felt letter will get read over and over and help you to show how much you care. Please watch my video for suggestions how to word it so that it has the best effect in interupting the anorexic thought patterns.

Also watch the other videos on anorexia nervosa on this page and ones about dealing with negative internal thoughts here

Overcoming anxiety

Hear Birmingham hypnotherapist Debbie Williams talk about anxiety. Anorexics suffer from anxiety and the name of their disease anorexia nervosa gives us some clues of the nervousness they experience.

Helping anorexics to have tools and strategies to manage their anxious thoughts is just part of the help needed to help them to be able to function normally again. 

Anorexics often talk about their disease and the voice in their head by calling it by the name of Ana' although one client of Birmingham hypnotist and NLP master practitioner and eating disorders expert Debbie Williams called her voice Ed which is short for eating disorder.

Whether its a male or female 'entity' inside their mind, it always purports to be their friend, sometimes their 'only' friend. Some of the ideas and concepts this voice has is alarming, controlling, critical, punishing and cruel.

When Debbie works with an anorexic she aims to work with this voice by coaching, challenging and negotiating some real support to help the anorexic recover. Sometimes outside re-inforcements are brought in to bring 'Ana' or 'Ed' into alignment or to evict it altogether.

Eating disorders expert Debbie has developed many ways to help anorexics to recover. it isnt easy but it can be done.

Self help for Anorexics

Self hypnosis recordings can aid the anorexic to recover their faulty thinking patterns. Overcoming anorexia is possible and you should always seek medical help first for your anorexia nervosa to check that there are not treatable causes for the anorexia.

Hypnotherapy for anorexia nervosa can make it easier to recover. The  answer to any eating disorder is to learn to eat as a lean, healthy happy person does. Birmingham hypnotherapist and NLP trainer and eating disorders expert Debbie Williams has produced many self help hypnosis recordings to help with emotional support which is useful on your recovery from anorexia nervosa and dealing with the voice of 'Ana' 

Click on any image below to read more. Also check out many videos about eating disorders and use any information which may be useful to help you.


Here is the link to read more about the Stop Anorexia self hypnosis recording all of the recordings above may well benefit your child on the road to recovery from anorexia nervosa.

Anorexia nervosa, help on how to control the voice of ANA (Anorexia ) to help you on the path back to become  lean and healthy as well as feeling happy and normal again.

Birmingham Eating Disorders Expert

To help overcome the faulty thinking patterns of an anorexic mind takes time, on average 10 sessions sometimes more for lasting positive results. The quickest has been about 6 sessions. There is a lot of free help on all of Birmingham hypnotist and NLP trainer's Debbie Williams websites as well as free online life coaching and download available from which is a great resource to measure progress.

If you wanted Birmingham Eating Disorders Expert Debbie Williams to help you personally and you can travel to Birmingham, West Midlands UK then  contact her here

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