Bulimia Nervosa; My Story And Complete Recovery 

Hi, I'm Debbie Williams. I’m an NLP Trainer and Hypnotherapist, Clinical Consultant to Just Be Well at No.1 Harley St and have acted as an assistant to Paul McKenna and Dr Richard Bandler since 1995. I've overcome my of bulimia and I want to give you advice on how you too can overcome your bulimia and issues with food. Over the years I’ve worked with lots of people with all sorts of eating disorders, not just bulimia and using NLP and hypnotherapy. I re-trained my thinking in relationship to food to leave my bulimia nervosa behind by developing a unique way that really works.

I had bulimia nervosa for over 10 years... 

I had bulimia for over 10 years from 1983 after my dad died, (whom I loved dearly). I initially tried counseling and psychotherapy, but they actually made me feel worse. I had low self esteem issues which were never addressed. I wasn't’t shown how to increase self-esteem, I just felt a lot of blame for my mother, which didn't’t help me to get well. And my anger was encouraged so that, along with feeling sorry for myself, I got trapped into a victim mentality which caused me to binge even more to compensate. A terrible vicious cycle of bulimia continued for years and years and yet no one knew.

I grew up being the second fattest girl in my school, until she left. Then it was just me. I was bullied and always the last to be picked for any team at sports. Back then I decided I didn't much care for people as they could be so cruel. I met my future husband when I was about 14 and married him at 18 because I thought no one else would want me… It didn't work out.

At 19, on the day of my dad’s funeral, mum told me all of my dad’s relatives looked on me as being ‘Charlie's bastard child’. This was her warped view of the situation and totally untrue, but I didn't know that at the time. I'd only found out months earlier that he had adopted me at about four years of age, so overnight I had lost my wonderful father and nearly all of my family. I went on to live in a caravan and at one point hooked up with a violent partner. I had no support at all from my mother and even tried to top myself one night, but failed. I was even crap at that (thank goodness!)

I love my life today and I am completely free from bulimia and binge eating. It’s been my privilege to teach others a 'lean persons strategy' and how to think like they do and how to think differently about their binge eating or bulimia and other food-related issues.

I overcame my bulimia and binge eating through much trial and error, leading down many blind alleys along the way. Studying NLP was a major breakthrough as it was like finding the owners manual for my mind. It didn't have a specific strategy for dealing with bulimia and binge eating though.

I had to develop that myself. What NLP does well is 'model' success and identify patterns and strategies of success. I was able to take this and develop systems and strategies of lean, healthy happy people and ways to 'install' those strategies into clients (and myself) to free them from the destructive behaviours of eating disorders wrecking their lives.

I am also a fully qualified hypnotherapist and hypnotic language expert. I use hypnosis in a lot of my downloads to help replace the binge eating trance with a more empowering mindset. I'm very proud of my lean for life course which is like studying for a diploma of lean people's mindset as well as teaching how to handle your emotions with more ease and empowering you to mastery.


Freedom From Bulimia Nervosa?

All of my recordings on bulimia, binge eating and weight loss include strategies that I’ve developed and used to help hundreds of others re-train their thinking and therefore their behavior regarding food, bulimia. Sometimes with clients in private practice and many on my weight loss course, whilst others on Paul McKenna's weight loss events.

Each CD is different, comprising various NLP exercises and trances that will guide your focus towards what you really want to achieve. A bit like an actor studying for a role I help you to immerse yourself into the same 'mind set of a lean, healthy happy person' so your brain has a chance to gain insight and experience of how a lean person thinks,feels and acts. I’ve used all of the exercises, not just to overcome my bulimia, but to gain mastery over my emotions. Through them I’ve learned to be happy, healthy and lean whilst living my life through inspiration, not desperation.

For many just one or two CDs will be enough to break their self-destructive habits around food. Others may need more help. They’ll find it on my range of CDs, see the list below for ones that could help you for the fraction of the cost of a one to one session. Each CD is like a complete coaching session.

Or if you would prefer to work with a competent hypnotherapist, contact us at www.debbiewilliamsassociates.co.uk or www.justbewell.com. Again 'please make sure you have seen your medical practitioner to exclude treatable causes proir to making an appointment. What we do is NOT a replacement for medical advice . It is a combination of education and training.

I find clients using my CDs helps really speed up progress so they don't need as many sessions, sometimes people have used the CDs and gained a complete recovery with them alone, or they come to me as they have got so far and have hit a blockage.
You do need to listen to them over and over, and I like to explain that if you commit for the next 12 months to study, (as if you were back at school or university) but you are studying what lean healthy happy people do, you will pass with flying colours. Another way of explaining is you wouldn't go to a gym just once and expect to have a complete toned body, this is exercising the muscle between your ears, your brain, this what people have said:

Hi Debbie

I'm just emailing to cancel my appointment for 16 July. I'm doing really well at the moment on the CD's and the weekly plan is really helping. Therefore I don't feel that I need to come for the half hour as before.

Thanks for your help so far.

Kind regards


I'm following the plan and listening to both the 'Beat Bulimia and Binge Eating CDs. They are really good and the hypnosis is very powerful, I've been to many hypnotherapists before and listened to lots of hypnosis recordings,  but what you do is different, much much better and it makes sense. You walk your talk.


Your voice is gentle and calming and each time I listen I go deeper sometimes I completely drift of somewhere only waking up when you count me back up. I like the way you play with words and each time I listen to the trance track I hear different things. I feel calmer and my bulimia has dropped to about a third of what it was and its going down by the day as I feel like I'm leaving the binging behind me and just getting on with living my life.

Thank you


Hi Debbie, I had an appointment booked with you a couple of Friday's ago. My initial appointment really helped, I've been doing really well and listening to the cd's.

I look forward to seeing you soon.


Hi Debbie

Hope you are ok, just e-mailing to let you know I would like to cancel my appointment with you on Wednesday 30 June.
I have continued to use the CD and using the new resources you gave me I feel much more confident and less anxious in situations which made me feel uncomfortable and lead to a binge eating  episode before.
I would just like to say a big thank you for helping me to stop eating my way through upsets and my other issues.

Kind regards


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