Stopping Binge Eating, How Can I Stop Overeating?

'Stop Binge Eating' with self hypnosis recordings from Birmingham hypnotherapist and eating problems specialist Debbie Williams from only £15 a fraction of the cost of a one to one.


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Stop overeating

Stop binge eating

Weight loss made easy

Lean for life

Overcome chocolate addiction

You can listen in the comfort of your own home over and over to gain the support to change your mindset to stop overeating.


Hypnotherapy sessions are available in Birmingham, West Midlands UK. They start from £145. Please email to book your first session. Debbie suggests you use her recordings first as many times they will either eliminate the binge eating or at the very least reduce the overeating to a more manageable level which means if you do require personal coaching then less sessions will be required.
Each recording is like having a one to one with eating disorders specialist, hypnotherapist and NLP trainer Debbie Williams of Birmingham B75
See below a little exercise you can take yourself through to help you with stopping binge eating.


How To Stop Overeating And Binge Eating

I’d like to show you one simple exercise which if you use it regularly will help Interrupt The Pattern Of Over Eating and teach you to be more conscious of what your body needs.

Stop Bulimia - Start Eating Natural Fruits Better way to Stop Binge Eating "The Answer To My Eating Disorders was to
Eat Like A Lean Healthy Happy Person Does
I Can Teach You How With My Self Help Recordings"

Debbie Williams

Stop Overeating and learn to be conscious of what your true needs are;

Stop Bulimia overcoming your eating disorder help BirminghamWhen you feel you are going to overeat – Ask yourself:

If the answer is NO – no, it is not the food

Ask yourself: “What do I really need right now?”
If this cannot be accomplished straight away, ask yourself: “What small steps can I make that will take me towards it?” (if its dealing with an emotion – anxiety or self esteem – check out the CD that may help)

If the answer is YES – I want this food

So go ahead, give yourself permission to fully experience every mouthful, allowing all of your senses to appreciate this food. Asking:

If the answer is NO

Make a decision NOW about this food so that in future you make greater distinctions about what you really need, allowing wiser choices. Always know that you can eat whatever you want as long as you fully enjoy it and plan for success you will succeed – this is what lean people do naturally – with no fear.

If the answer is YES

Feel really good and know that you are becoming in tune with yourself.

30 mins later – ask again – how is this feeling in my tummy now? If it feels too full or uncomfortable, next time you ask the questions will this cleanse me or clog me up – your mind instinctively will remind you of this feeling to help you to make a better choice, at the right time.

 Fruits to Overcome Binge Eating

Stop Overeating with the help of Hypnosis and NLP self help recordings

If you need some extra help then my specific  hypnosis CD's may well be the answer you are looking for, it allows you to multi task, so whilst you are listening to the recordings as you learning to relax and let go of stress & negative thinking patterns, new suggestions and advice to stop you overeating will be planted in your mind, as you take this time to unwind and de-stress, which we all need in these busy times.

If you are unsure which CD to go for I would recommend my first recording STOP Overeating as a good place to start, as its just a trance and all you have to do is listen, maybe last thing at night, as it will help you to drift off to sleep as well and in a few weeks from now maybe  you will feel the positive changes happening, you'll want to purchase the more in depth deeper training ones.

100 % Money Back GuaranteeStop Overeating Imagine discovering how to say no to certain foods whenever you want and to really enjoy eating healthily. By putting food in its proper perspective, you can get on with living your life to the full.

As this CD is hypnotic do not listen while driving or operating machinery. For best results listen every day for at least a month to enable the ideas to drop deeply into your subconscious and for the suggestions to compound for positive change. Remember there is a full 60 day money back guarantee with all my products so you have nothing to lose now but that excess mental and physical weight that stops you living your life fully. Click Image to buy Now.


Just click on any image below of my CD covers and it will take you to a fuller description of what each one contains, the are like a complete coaching session for a fraction of the cost of a one to one starting from only £15 and you can listen to them over and over to compound the positive changes 

‘First the desire for chocolate went, then the crisps and cola. I just don’t want them anymore.’ Sarah Reagan.

This CD is the first of many recorded to give advice to people with food and weight loss issues. It is a one track recording, for some, this will be enough. Other people, however, may wish to look at Lean for Life, Weight Loss Made Easy, Stop Binge Eating, Exercise and Enjoy It, and Beat Bulimia - which also has advice and education strategies to help stop binge eating, they are multi-track recordings, using NLP & hypnosis to Learn to copy what a Lean, healthy person does naturally – they have been described as “like a complete coaching session in a box” for a fraction of the cost of a one to one.

You may also find the CDs covering emotional issues which can reduce the stress in those areas as that can be linked to overeating too.

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All Recordings by Debbie Williams, who is regarded as an expert  in 'Lean for Life eating stategies', as well as being a NLP trainer and hypnotherapist, assistant to Paul McKenna since 1995 and clinical consultant to justbewell no.1, Harley St, London.

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Me and my daughter listened to it together last night and this morning she asked me to buy her some apples. I was amazed, that is a first for her.
I love the relaxation, your voice is gentle and I do drift off easily and I am eating less.
I feel calmer around food and in general and I’ve lost 4lbs in the last 10 days – I’m not quite sure how.


With hypnosis recordings on CDs or downloads that work to give you advice on how to eat like a lean healthy happy person does which helped me to  break free from bulimia and stop binge eating and maintain the results for the last 15 years.

Do you want to stop overeating, or to find that weight loss is easy? and have strategies to deal with boredom, emotional overeating, ? finding new ways that really help let go of much of your stress

Like Debbie, you too can overcome addictions to chocolate, cakes, pizzas, dairy and junk food, giving you more control in your life. 'It gave me more confidence and greater self esteem'' Debbie.

The CDs are like your own private coaching session, complete with strategies and tools to overcome many food-related issues and stress. The beauty of the recordings is  you can listen to them over and over. This ensures your success in creating the habits of a naturally lean, healthy person. While you listen, relax and let go of stress, know that you are multi-tasking. You are designing your lean, healthy, happy self, just as nature intended.

Check out the products now and allow your gut instinct to choose the right ones for you. 60 day money back guarantee. Please note these are not replacements for medical advice, they are a combination of education and training in how to think like a 'Lean, healthy happy person does' I'ts what working for me and may not be right for you.

Further information or to contact Debbie regarding other CD’s in this range is also available at

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Cure with Treatments For Bulimia Nervosa

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