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On this page you will find useful information about Anorexia nervosa, some of the possible causes and a different approach to helping the anorexic.

What is Anorexia?

Watch Birmingham hypnotherapist and NLP trainer Debbie Williams talk about what anorexia is and one of the causes of anorexia nervosa and what can be done to help the anorexic gain back a normal way of eating and living.

Sometimes anorexia can be triggered with a diet which has no real end point or exit strategy and the person keeps on losing weight and then become more and more reclusive and under the control of the negative internal critical voices which many anorexics call the voice of 'Ana'.

All anorexics suffer from body dysmorphia wherein the affected person is overly concerned with the perceived size of their body This manifested excessive concern and preoccupation of how fat they think they are causes psychological distress which then impairs social function and anxiety.

There are many other trigger's for anorexia, some develop the disease through fear of facing a future which scares them. At least anorexia is something they can deal with, is how their unconscious mind thinks rather than having to face the unknown. Other times anorexia manifests itself to be used as a power to control family relationships or to get attention. The anorexic may or not be aware of these triggers at the conscious level. One of the reasons hypnosis can be helpful as it deals with the unconscious thought processes.

Anorexia and the 'Voice of Ana'

Anorexia nervosa sufferer's often talk about their illness as if it is a real thing of person, calling her Ana. This internal voice of 'Ana' purports to be a friend yet is the worse critic you can imagine if the person eats one more morsel than was planned. They install the rules and keep the anorexic trapped in this debilitating disease.

Anorexia and the negative internal voices can be overcome. Its not easy and takes time, support and focus on getting well.

Birmingham hypnotherapist and NLP trainer Debbie Williams has helped many overcome their Anorexia over the years and on this video you will hear her talk about working with one client, who had been doing really well, putting on weight and feeling good about herself, then the voice of 'Ana' took over for a few days and filled her full of fear and evil thoughts that she didn't deserve to get well and that Ana was her only true friend in the world.

Debbie was able to transform the voice of Ana within 15 minutes allowing her client to get back on track.
This has been two years now and the former anorexic no longer is bothered by Ana, her self esteem is high. She also was able to stop self harming and actually like who she is. Debbie did some sessions on accelerated learning as she had missed a lot of schooling through her anorexia. She passed her exams and got A's in all the ones she wanted.

She is a healthy 16 year old who now weighs 8 stone which is fine for her height

Self help for Anorexics

Birmingham hypnotist Debbie Williams self hypnosis recording can be a great resource to aid the anorexic to recover their faulty thinking patterns. Overcoming anorexia is possible and many of the recording below may be useful to the anorexic on their journey to learning to be normal again and happy. You should always seek medical help first for your anorexia nervosa.

Hypnotherapy for anorexia nervosa can make it easier to recover. The  answer to any eating disorder is to learn to eat as a lean, healthy happy person does. Birmingham hypnotherapist and NLP trainer Debbie Williams has produced many self help hypnosis recordings to help with emotional support on your recovery from anorexia nervosa and dealing with the voice of 'Ana' and other negative thoughts. Watch more videos on that here.

Helping Children with Anorexia

If your are a parent of an anorexic or need help with an anorexic child, there is more help here.. Help for Parents of Anorexics 

Here is the link to read more about the Stop Anorexia self hypnosis recording

Anorexia nervosa How to control the voice of ANA (Anorexia ) to help you on the path back to become  lean and healthy as well as feeling happy and normal again

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